04 April 2009

Powerhouse Museum in Australia goes all CC

I just read at Creative Commons Australia that the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has gone all CC. Now this is a very good thing that should be encouraged by all museums. Not least as the Powerhouse Museum has also put a large number of its images into the public domain under Flickr Commons. However, the blog went further to say that "In an Australian (and possibly world) first, they’ve released all of their collection documentation under CC."

Now, as you all know, I fully support such a move, but it most certainly is not a world first. The Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology has been offering all of its collections documentation on-line since 1996, and have been offering it under Attribution, Non-commercial CC license since 2007. Not to complain, mind you, as I applaud the move by the Powerhouse. Just to set the record straight.

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  1. My apologies. I think it was my blog which you mentioned. I took my steer from CC Australia. However, I should have checked.
    I will rectify this on the blog.