15 March 2009

Strange how many people think the same -- at the same time.

After finishing the previous blog-post this morning, I noticed Robin Good's entry on Bye Bye E-Learning: Emergent Learning Paradigm More Important Than Digital Delivery Tools. Well done Robin (the other one). Nice to see the pressure building.

Also, found a few good examples of what these more hybrid and decentred approaches are arguing against. See HASTAC's Future of the Digital Humanities, and Mellon's A Digital Humanities Manifesto.


  1. the Mellon digital humanities manifesto sparked off a huge conversation on the Nettime list, see http://mail.kein.org/pipermail/nettime-l/2009-January/thread.html#1182

    that's only the start.

    (btw. the hyperlink for Mellon is not correct, better check that) :)


  2. Thanks Jussi, I knew of some of the debate, but not this thread.