18 February 2007

What is RESCITE?

RESCITE it a personal blog where I explore my thoughts about WEB 2.0, information and how it moves and is modified in different contexts. This sounds a bit pretentious, as does the name, but I do not mean it to be. I chose the title RESCITE because of the many entangled meanings of the word 'recite' and 'resite', both which imply accounts and movement of knowledge. The strange spelling is not to be cleaver, but because 'recite' was already taken as a blog name.
I welcome comments, as the whole point of the exercise is that I do not, and will not, have an answer, but that this is a set of my ideas and impressions on a general problem. The problem is that we usually assume that we know things by knowing the meaning of words, and that these words have rules for how they are used. Knowing the rules is knowing how or knowing what. However, we all use words differently, at different times and in different settings. We know what we mean, and others know what we mean, because the words make sense in a particular setting. They are used correctly, even if they are not used according to the rules.
Rather than dictating how we use words, ideas, information, knowledge, I argue that we need to find ways where people can use these objects to make sense. That means allowing them to "mis"-use them. It is the many ways that these objects -- accounts, stories, words, information, images, etc. -- can move around and be re-used, made sense of locally, and made use of to communicate with others that I am interested in.

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